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The SADelite

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Clients tell us they like the SADelite because it is very user friendly.

Clinicians say this results in higher compliance. SADelite is recommended by thousands of physicians and health professionals around the world.

The SADelite is a bright light therapy product of top quality, affordable price.

A powerful light box designed as a completely adjustable desk lamp, lets you enjoy 10,000 lux, with unmatched comfort.

The SADelite : a unique desk lamp, fully adjustable, lets you enjoy 10,000 Lux, with unmatched comfort.  


  • 10,000 Lux at 20 Inches!
  • Unique, affordable, high quality product
  • Compact and adjustable
  • NO UV, diffuse light
  • Electronically powered - no hum
  • Uses only 85 watts - no heat
  • 5 year warranty on all parts and labor (fluorescent tubes excluded)

Specifications for the SADelite :

  • Power : Universal - Lamp automatically selects from 110-270 volts, 50 or 60 hz.
  • UV Output : blocked below 400 nm
  • Light output : 10,000 Lux from close-up to about 50 cm or 20 inches
  • Tube life : 5,000 hours
  • Use : about 30 minutes per day
  • Weight : 7 pounds - 3.1 kilo
  • Dimensions :
    Head : 18 x 8 in. (45 x 20 cm)  
    Base : 11 x 6 in. (29 x 15 cm)
    Max. Height : 24 in. (60 cm)
  • CSA safety approved unit (Canadian Standards Association)
  • All components UL approved
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Replacement tubes : available at Northern Light

The SADelite alone possesses adjustable arms, a pivoting head and a parabolic reflector, making it a much more versatile product than other conventional lightboxes. It is infinitely adjustable, allowing you to find your own level of comfort. On an office desk, the SADelite's high-tech appearance is far less obtrusive than a lightbox and, in a house, it can easily be carried from one room to another. A highly polished parabolic reflector amplifies light output, making it one of the most powerful and efficient of such devices on the market.

The SADelite from Northern Light Technologies is recommended and used by thousands of doctors and health professionals in Canada, USA, and abroad. The SADelite can also be used at home or at the office, for any task that requires bright lighting.

The SADelite delivers bright light by combining high-output fluorescent tubes with a large high-performance parabolic reflector. This results in a highly efficient unit that draws ONLY 85 watts, yet delivers 10 000 lux. The power in our unit is channeled into light, not heat.

The lamp height and angle adjustments allow you to obtain maximum comfort while enjoying the SADelite. Additionally, our large reflector provides diffuse bright light without losing intensity rapidly as you move away from the lamp.

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