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The NEW Amjo Sun MINI - A remarkably small and remarkably effective and remarkably inexpensive. This light is only 6" x 4" and packs 10,000 lux performance in a small package. Oh. yes, it's also WORLD POWER and operates from 100V to 240V 50/60 Hz, so you can take it just about anywhere and enjoy the benefits of mightty mouse light box.
The NEW Amjo Sun BRIGHT - Our first Amjo branded LED Sadlight. Uses Focused LED Technology. Please visit our new site at www.amjosun.com to learn about this new product introduced in 2013. To jump to our store and order this unit, please visit www.amjoshop.com. It's bargain priced at $169.00 or less including shipping charges. The focused LED technology allows for treatment distances beyond 24"
BOXelite (New)Finally, a stylish looking LIGHT BOX that will light up any room in more ways than one. The BOXelite is made entirely of metal. It is a comfortable and pleasant light for reading, eating, watching TV, etc. No other full size box (the light panel measures 12 x 18.5 inches) delivers such affordable quality. Works on household voltages around the world without requiring voltage-transformers.
The FLAMINGO... effervescent and luminous...brings all the promise of spring's vitality and energy. Whether on a treadmill or having your hair done, the FLAMINGO floor lamp stands at a height of 46 in. (117 cm) providing the warm and basking light your body craves. At 10-12 in. (25-30 cm) away, the FLAMINGO delivers 10,000 lux and should be used for 20-30 minutes.
The Lighten-UP Plus is a very light, well made light box! Through the ages, people have been affected by the change of seasons. Winter's darkness commonly brought sadness, irritability, lethargy and even social withdrawal to many. In today's world, not only seasonal changes but also changes in work shifts, jet lag, and lack of sunlight can affect a person's natural biological cycles and moods.
This is a new product for Amjo. This is a unique solid state light box with roughly double the number of LED's when compared to other solid state light panels. Make yourself happy, give it a try!






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